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About Academic Jobs at AUS

The American University of Sharjah (AUS) is a prestigious institution located in the heart of the United Arab Emirates. AUS is committed to fostering academic excellence, cultural understanding, and innovation in a dynamic and diverse environment. It offers a wide range of exciting career opportunities for academics and faculty members who are passionate about making a difference in the field of education.

How to Apply for Careers and Faculty Positions at AUS

AUS prides itself on attracting top-tier talent to join its vibrant academic community. To apply for careers and faculty positions at AUS, prospective candidates are encouraged to visit the official university website. There, they will find detailed information about available job openings, application requirements, and the recruitment process. AUS is committed to equal opportunity employment and embraces a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Why Choose American University of Sharjah?

  1. Academic Excellence: AUS is renowned for its commitment to academic excellence and innovation. Its faculty members are leaders in their fields, and the university provides state-of-the-art facilities and resources to support research and teaching.

  2. Global Perspective: AUS offers a truly international experience. With students and faculty from over 100 nationalities, the university provides a rich multicultural environment that encourages global perspectives and cross-cultural understanding.

  3. Research Opportunities: AUS places a strong emphasis on research and scholarly activities. Faculty members have access to research grants and collaborations with leading institutions, fostering a culture of intellectual curiosity.

  4. Innovation and Technology: AUS embraces cutting-edge technology and is at the forefront of digital education. It equips students and faculty with the tools needed to thrive in the digital age.

  5. Cultural Hub: Located in Sharjah, known as the Cultural Capital of the UAE, AUS is surrounded by a rich cultural and historical landscape. It offers a unique blend of academic and cultural experiences.

  6. Career Development: AUS is dedicated to the professional growth of its faculty members. It provides numerous opportunities for career development, mentorship, and advancement.

If you are seeking a dynamic and inclusive academic environment that values excellence, diversity, and innovation, the American University of Sharjah is the ideal place to further your career. Join AUS in shaping the future of education and research in the United Arab Emirates and beyond. Explore the available opportunities today and become a part of this exceptional academic community.