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104 Gear Ave, Mount Helen VIC 3350, Australia

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Joining the Transformation: Why Choose Academic Jobs at Federation University Australia


Federation University Australia, a dynamic institution that embraces innovation and excellence, offers a wide array of academic jobs, faculty jobs, and professor jobs across its campuses in Ballarat, Berwick, Brisbane, Gippsland, and the Wimmera. Formed in 2014 through the amalgamation of the former University of Ballarat and the Gippsland Campus of Monash University, Fed Uni has a rich history dating back to 1870. As an equal opportunity employer, the university values diversity and inclusion, creating a supportive and inclusive environment for its university staff. This profile highlights why academic professionals should consider choosing careers at Federation University Australia and the unique opportunities it presents.

Research and Academic Excellence

Federation University Australia places a strong emphasis on academic excellence. As a research-oriented institution, academic jobs at Fed Uni offer an environment that nurtures creativity, innovation, and impactful research. Scholars have the opportunity to work collaboratively on projects that align with the university's commitment to achieving a net-zero emissions target by 2033 and contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Diverse and Thriving Community

With over 18,500 domestic and international students and 118,000 alumni worldwide, Federation University Australia boasts a diverse and thriving community of independent thinkers. Choosing academic positions at Fed Uni allows educators to engage with students from various backgrounds and cultures, fostering a stimulating learning experience.

Empowering Growth and Development

Fed Uni believes in empowering it's staff to shape the future collectively. By providing ample opportunities for personal and professional growth, academic jobs at Federation University Australia enable faculty to grow as leaders and make informed decisions that drive positive change.

Commitment to Inclusion and Community Building

Federation University Australia celebrates diversity and champions access and inclusion for all. It recognises and respects the cultural heritage and knowledge of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, fostering an inclusive environment that ensures equity, access, and equal opportunities.

Collaboration and Partnership

Academic jobs at Fed Uni come with the potential to build genuine partnerships based on shared goals, both within the university and beyond. Federation University Australia actively seeks cross-functional relationships, promoting knowledge sharing and community-building to strengthen collective impact.

Talent-Focused Work Environment

Fed Uni understands the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance for academic professionals. With flexible working arrangements and reasonable adjustments, the university supports its university staff in managing their responsibilities and career aspirations.

Contributing to Sustainable Development

By aligning its roadmap "Towards Net Zero 2033" with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Federation University Australia offers academics the unique opportunity to contribute to positive carbon reduction through research and other activities.

Explore academic jobs at Federation University Australia

Federation University Australia stands as an exemplary institution committed to transforming lives and enhancing communities. Choosing academic jobs at Fed Uni offers scholars the chance to be part of a dynamic and forward-thinking community, fostering academic excellence, inclusion, sustainability, and innovation. With its diverse student body and commitment to empowering faculty, Federation University Australia is a compelling choice for academics looking to make a significant impact in their careers.

Notable Alumni 

  • Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw: An Indian billionaire entrepreneur who is the executive chairperson and founder of Biocon Limited and Biocon Biologics Limited, a biotechnology company based in Bangalore, Indi.
  • Steve Bracks: A former Australian politician and was the 44th Premier of Victoria.
  • Isaac Smith: An Australian rules football player who plays with the Geelong Football Club in the Australian Football League.
  • Steve Moneghetti: An Australian long-distance runner and physical health consultant who represented Australia on many occasions.
  • Libby Tanner: An Australian stage and television actress and theatre director best known for her roles as Bronwyn Craig in the television series All Saints and as Bridget Westfall in Wentworth.

Q&A about Federation 

Q: What makes Federation University unique compared to other universities?

A: Federation University takes pride in its regional focus, offering a close-knit community and personalized learning experiences. With a commitment to hands-on education, students can expect a balance between theory and practical skills development.

Q: What support services are available for students transitioning to university life?

A: Federation University understands the importance of a smooth transition. From orientation programs to academic advising, counseling services, and various clubs, there's a robust support system in place to help students feel at home from day one.

Q: Can you tell us about some of the standout programs or initiatives at Federation University?

A: Certainly! Federation University is known for its strong emphasis on industry connections. Many programs include work placements or industry projects, giving students real-world experience and a competitive edge in the job market.

Q: How does Federation University foster a sense of community among students?

A: The university believes in creating a vibrant campus life. From sports clubs to cultural events, students have ample opportunities to connect with peers. Additionally, the close relationship between students and faculty contributes to a supportive academic community.

Q: What are the key aspects of student life beyond academics?

A: Federation University encourages a well-rounded student experience. Whether it's participating in extracurricular activities, joining clubs, or attending events, students have the chance to develop both academically and personally.


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