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Flinders University careers and employment opportunities

Overview on academic jobs at Flinders University 


Flinders University, a leading higher education institution, has been a centre of inspiring achievement for over 50 years, offering a wide array of academic jobs and higher education jobs. Driven by a commitment to innovation and positive impact in the communities it serves, Flinders provides numerous opportunities for faculty jobs, professor jobs, and university positions.



Flinders University boasts multiple campuses, each offering a unique and enriching academic experience. The main teaching and research campus, located south of Adelaide, is the picturesque Bedford Park campus, offering diverse college jobs and academic positions. The university is also creating a cutting-edge vertical campus in Adelaide's CBD, known as Festival Plaza, which will open in 2024, presenting exciting faculty job opportunities. The Tonsley facility serves as an innovation hub for computer science, IT, engineering, and mathematics, attracting professionals seeking highered jobs. Additionally, Flinders has a strong presence in rural and remote locations, including Northern Territory, Renmark, Barossa, Mount Gambier, and Victor Harbour & Murray Bridge, where academic careers in health and other disciplines thrive.



Flinders University's diverse colleges encompass various disciplines, providing a wide range of academic jobs. These include the College of Business Government and Law, College of Education, Psychology and Social Work, College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, College of Medicine and Public Health, College of Nursing and Health Sciences, and College of Science and Engineering, each offering excellent university jobs.



With its rich academic landscape, Flinders University offers a plethora of courses across various fields of study, attracting those seeking college jobs and academic positions. Students and academic staff have the flexibility to engage in on-campus learning at different locations or explore academic jobs online through its innovative programs.

Innovation and Research

Research is at the core of Flinders University's mission, offering opportunities for those seeking higher education jobs and academic jobs in research-led teaching. The university's commitment to fearless research fosters collaboration and innovation across various disciplines. Numerous institutes and centres provide faculty job opportunities for creative thinkers aiming to make a positive difference in society.

Why Choose Academic Jobs at Flinders University?


Academic jobs at Flinders University offer a host of compelling advantages for professionals seeking university HR jobs or faculty jobs:

Inspiring Environment: Flinders fosters an environment of innovation and creativity, making it an ideal choice for higher ed jobs.

Research Excellence: Faculty jobs at Flinders involve being part of cutting-edge research, enabling academics to make groundbreaking discoveries.

Strong Support Network: Academic positions at Flinders University come with highly qualified and recognised supervisors, along with collaborations with industry, government, and the community.

Global Impact: University jobs at Flinders contribute to the global research conversation, empowering faculty to make a tangible difference with their discoveries.

Beautiful Campuses: Flinders' campuses offer a delightful on-campus experience, appealing to those seeking academic jobs in a picturesque setting.

Flexibility: With online academic jobs, Flinders provides a flexible work environment, accommodating faculty and their diverse commitments.

Range of Disciplines: Flinders' diverse faculties offer academic positions across various fields, fostering interdisciplinary collaborations.

Recognition and Awards: Flinders' commitment to excellence has led to numerous awards and recognition for its faculty, making it a preferred choice for those seeking academic careers.

Flinders University stands out as a premier institution for higher education jobs, academic careers, and university positions. With a commitment to innovation, research, and positive impact, it offers a dynamic and supportive environment for academics to excel in their careers, making a lasting contribution to society and the world. Job seekers looking for professor jobs, faculty jobs, or university president jobs will find Flinders University as an excellent choice for fulfilling academic positions.


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