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About Academic Jobs at IISc

The Indian Institute of Science (IISc), situated in Bangalore, India, stands as a beacon of academic excellence in the realm of scientific research and education. Established in 1909, this prestigious institution is committed to fostering groundbreaking research, nurturing young talent, and cultivating an environment that propels the frontiers of knowledge.

IISc continually seeks to enrich its academic community with exceptional individuals who share its passion for innovation and commitment to pushing the boundaries of science and technology. The institute offers a plethora of career opportunities for aspiring academics, researchers, and faculty members across a wide range of disciplines.

How to Apply for Careers and Faculty Positions at IISc

IISc welcomes applications from candidates who aspire to be a part of its illustrious academic community. To explore career opportunities and faculty positions at IISc, prospective applicants are encouraged to visit the official IISc website ( regularly. Here, they will find comprehensive information about open positions, application procedures, and deadlines.

The application process typically involves submitting a detailed curriculum vitae (CV), academic transcripts, research statements, and references. IISc's rigorous selection process ensures that only the most talented and promising candidates are chosen to join its ranks.

Notable Alumni at IISc

IISc boasts a rich legacy of producing some of the brightest minds in the scientific and academic world. Its distinguished alumni have made significant contributions to various fields, including physics, mathematics, engineering, and biology. Some of the notable alumni who have emerged from the hallowed halls of IISc include:

  1. C. N. R. Rao: An eminent chemist and recipient of numerous international awards, including the prestigious Bharat Ratna, India's highest civilian award.
  2. Venkatraman Ramakrishnan: A Nobel laureate in Chemistry for his pioneering work on the structure and function of the ribosome.
  3. K. Radhakrishnan: An acclaimed space scientist and former Chairman of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO).
  4. Roddam Narasimha: A renowned aerospace scientist and fluid dynamicist.

Why Choose IISc?

  1. World-Class Research Facilities: IISc provides state-of-the-art laboratories and research facilities, fostering an environment where innovation thrives.
  2. Interdisciplinary Approach: The institute encourages collaboration across diverse fields, enabling researchers to tackle complex global challenges.
  3. Dedicated Faculty: IISc boasts a distinguished faculty known for their expertise, mentorship, and contributions to their respective domains.
  4. Vibrant Academic Community: The institute's diverse student body and academic programs ensure a stimulating and dynamic learning environment.
  5. Global Network: IISc's international collaborations and partnerships offer opportunities for global exposure and research exchange.

Q&A for IISc

What academic disciplines are offered at IISc?

IISc offers a wide range of programs in fields such as science, engineering, mathematics, and technology.

Are there scholarships available for students at IISc?

Yes, IISc offers various scholarships and financial aid options for eligible students.

How can I collaborate with researchers at IISc?

You can explore collaboration opportunities by contacting relevant faculty members or participating in research programs and workshops organized by the institute.

Does IISc offer postdoctoral positions?

Yes, IISc frequently advertises postdoctoral positions for researchers looking to further their careers.

The Indian Institute of Science (IISc) is not just an institution; it's a legacy of excellence, a hub of innovation, and a platform for aspiring academics and researchers to make a meaningful impact on the world. Whether you are looking for a career opportunity or seeking to further your education, IISc is a place where your intellectual journey can truly flourish.