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About Academic Jobs at ULaval

Laval University, known by its acronym ULaval, stands as a bastion of academic excellence and innovation in Canada. Established in 1852, it is the oldest French-language university in North America and consistently ranks among the top Canadian institutions. As an academic job board, ULaval offers a myriad of opportunities for passionate educators, researchers, and administrators to join its vibrant community dedicated to advancing knowledge and shaping the future.

How to Apply for Careers and Faculties at ULaval

To embark on a fulfilling career at ULaval, prospective candidates can explore job openings on the university's official website. Each faculty and department may have unique requirements and application procedures, so candidates are encouraged to thoroughly review job postings and follow the provided instructions. ULaval is committed to fostering diversity and inclusivity, and thus, encourages applications from all qualified candidates.

The application process typically includes submitting a curriculum vitae, a cover letter, and any other required documents, such as teaching statements, research proposals, or reference letters. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interviews and further assessment. ULaval values a diverse and dynamic workforce and is dedicated to ensuring equitable opportunities for all applicants.

Notable Alumni at Laval University

ULaval boasts a rich history of notable alumni who have made significant contributions to various fields, both nationally and internationally. Some esteemed alumni include:

  1. René Lévesque: Former Premier of Quebec and founder of the Parti Québécois, a pivotal figure in Quebec's political history.
  2. Louis St. Laurent: The 12th Prime Minister of Canada, known for his role in shaping Canada's foreign policy during the post-war era.
  3. Simone Monet-Chartrand: A prominent feminist and social activist who played a pivotal role in advancing women's rights in Quebec.
  4. Serge Godin: Founder of CGI Group Inc., one of the world's largest IT and business consulting services firms.
  5. Marie-Claire Kirkland-Casgrain: The first woman elected to the Legislative Assembly of Quebec and a trailblazer in the fight for gender equality.

Why Choose ULaval?

ULaval offers a unique blend of academic excellence, research opportunities, and cultural richness that makes it an attractive choice for both aspiring and seasoned academics. Here are some compelling reasons to choose ULaval:

  1. Academic Excellence: ULaval consistently ranks among the top universities in Canada and is renowned for its commitment to research and teaching excellence.
  2. Research Opportunities: ULaval provides a supportive environment for cutting-edge research across various disciplines, with state-of-the-art facilities and collaborative partnerships.
  3. Diverse Community: With a diverse student body and faculty, ULaval fosters an inclusive and multicultural learning environment.
  4. Cultural Hub: Located in the heart of Quebec City, a UNESCO World Heritage site, ULaval offers a rich cultural experience and access to historical landmarks.
  5. Global Perspective: ULaval is globally connected, with a strong international network of partnerships, making it an ideal place for those with a global outlook.

Q&A for ULaval

What programs does ULaval offer for international students?

ULaval offers a wide range of programs for international students at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels. Prospective students can visit the university's international admissions page for detailed information on programs and application procedures.

Are there opportunities for research collaboration at ULaval? 

Absolutely. ULaval actively encourages research collaboration, both within the university and with institutions worldwide. Researchers and faculty members can explore various research centers and institutes to find like-minded colleagues and engage in collaborative projects.

How does ULaval support faculty development?

ULaval is committed to the professional development of its faculty. It offers a range of resources, including teaching and research support, mentorship programs, and opportunities for continued education and training.

What is the campus environment like at ULaval?

ULaval's campus in Quebec City offers a vibrant and picturesque setting for learning and research. The campus features modern facilities, libraries, cultural events, and a diverse student community that creates a stimulating and enriching atmosphere.

Laval University (ULaval) is a prestigious institution that offers a world-class academic environment, a commitment to research excellence, and a vibrant community of scholars. Whether you are an aspiring academic, a seasoned researcher, or an administrator seeking to contribute to higher education, ULaval offers a plethora of opportunities and a rich cultural experience in the heart of Quebec City. Explore the possibilities and be part of ULaval's legacy of academic achievement and innovation.