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If you're aspiring to pursue a career in academia in Boston, Massachusetts, Northeastern University is one of the top institutions you should consider in the region. AcademicJobs features an extensive array of Northeastern University jobs, opening endless possibilities for professional success and personal growth.

Northeastern University - A Brief Preview

Founded in 1898 by the Young Men's Christian Association of Boston as the Evening Institute for Younger Men, Northeastern University was incorporated as Northeastern College in 1916 before being renamed in 1922.

Today, this research university stands as one of Boston's largest and leading institutions, with over 36,000 undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students enrolled in various disciplines. These include health sciences, business, arts and design, law, engineering, computer sciences, and humanities, among others, and they present numerous employment opportunities for faculty, staff, and administrative roles.

The Northeastern University campus extends across multiple countries, with thirteen campuses in the US, Canada, and the UK, and the main campus located in Boston. The University is a member of the Boston Consortium for Higher Education and is accredited by the New England Commission for Higher Education.

It is also ranked among the R1 Doctoral Universities, reflecting its comprehensive and progressive research program. The University is renowned for its research work in fields like security, sustainability, and health sciences, contributing significantly to global research and development. Northeastern's advanced research laboratories, unrivaled resources, and cutting-edge technology affirm its status as a premier research institute.

The University's sports teams, the Northeastern Huskies, participate in eighteen varsity sports within the Colonial Athletic Association and NCAA Division I. The men's and women's hockey teams play in the Hockey East, while the rowing teams compete in the Eastern Association of Rowing Colleges.

With such an illustrious, well-rounded profile and rich history, it's no wonder Northeastern University is regarded as one of the top universities in the US. Working at Northeastern is a dream come true for many, providing opportunities to associate with a prestigious organization and achieve successful professional and personal growth.


Seeking a Career at Northeastern University

Numerous Northeastern University jobs are accessible through AcademicJobs or directly via the Northeastern University Careers portal. AcademicJobs serves as your gateway to fulfilling Northeastern careers, offering many exciting opportunities.

Whether you're interested in academia, research, or support facilities, as part of the University, you'll have access to everything needed to excel in your position. If you join the faculty or research programs, you'll engage in Northeastern's famous experiential learning program, providing students with valuable opportunities through hands-on experience, collaborative projects with industry leaders, and internships.

Being part of this learning program also enables you to gain invaluable experience and knowledge, contributing significantly to your field of choice.

As a global institute, Northeastern University facilitates myriad global programs where employees can work and participate in research across over 100 countries. You'll have ample opportunities to expand your network and connect with professionals worldwide, enriching your profile.

Apply for Northeastern University Jobs

If you're eager to join a community that fosters professional success and personal growth, apply to Northeastern jobs to unlock a promising future. You'll find multiple positions at AcademicJobs that match your experience and qualifications, whether you aim to work in faculty, administration, support services, or research.

Northeastern careers revolve around collaboration, innovation, and excellence. If you possess the right skill set and drive, apply today to embark on a thriving career at one of the world's premier institutions.



Is Northeastern University a good institution?

Northeastern University ranks among the best in the United States, listed as 44th in the 2022/23 edition of Best Colleges, offering various undergrad, grad, and doctoral programs.

How can I search and apply for a job at Northeastern University?

You can find positions at AcademicJobs or the Northeastern University careers portal, searching by job title, category, location, etc. Follow the instructions to submit your applications online, or set up job alerts for new postings.

Does Northeastern University offer jobs to its students?

Yes, Northeastern offers on- and off-campus jobs to students, including those without federal work-study funding, accessible via the University's career hub.

Does Northeastern University support work-life balance?

Northeastern emphasises work-life balance and offers various flexible work arrangements for its employees.

What benefits does Northeastern provide to its employees?

In addition to competitive salaries, Northeastern offers benefits such as health insurance and tuition remission for eligible employees and dependents.

Does Northeastern provide opportunities for professional growth and development?

Yes, employees can gain new knowledge and skills through workshops, certifications, and professional development training programs.

Are there opportunities for research collaboration at Northeastern?

As a research-focused university, Northeastern offers faculty and research program members the chance to participate in groundbreaking projects and innovative research initiatives.

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