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Thayer Academy

Braintree, MA, USA

Thayer Academy's mission is “to inspire a diverse community of students to moral, intellectual, aesthetic, and physical excellence so that each may rise to honorable achievement and contribute to the common good.” In its hiring practices, Thayer Academy seeks candidates who come from a broad range of backgrounds and can contribute to a diverse community, who love working with young people, who thrive when engaged in the various activities of school life, and who welcome professional growth. 

Thayer is rooted in the intentionally holistic education of our students, who are viewed as individuals with affinities and talents in many areas. Unique to Thayer, because of deliberately coordinated scheduling, it is possible to be both a varsity athlete and sing on stage in the school musical – students here are not forced to choose one path or another, allowing them to pursue varied interests that contribute to their growth. The resulting community you’ll find at the Academy is vibrant and affirming, the culmination of students working together in the classroom, on the playing fields and on the stage, and in communities both local and global. There is a supportive and collaborative camaraderie that pervades our halls and campus – one where students view their classmates as partners, encouraging one another to discover their hidden talents and develop them into lifelong strengths.

Thayer Academy faculty and staff demonstrate caring leadership in the classrooms, art studios, and laboratories; on the playing fields, dance floors, and stages; and through engaging, listening, and supporting. The Academy’s extensive support for ongoing professional development ensures a faculty well-versed in the latest skills and practices. In so doing, they continue the tradition of excellence, achievement, and inspiration that has characterized Thayer since its founding in 1877.

When you work at Thayer Academy, you join a warm community of students, parents/guardians, and colleagues who value not only academic achievement but also a supportive environment in which continual growth and learning are encouraged.