My research is primarily focused on understanding the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying synaptic development and the neuroethology of synaptic plasticity and functions. Synapses are the fundamental units of nerve communication within the brain. Unraveling the basic mechanisms of synapse function is relevant to important basic and applied problems in contemporary neuroscience. Given my deep interest in understanding mechanisms of synaptic functions in general, I consider it essential to work in the field and develop personal expertise in diverse techniques required to answer outstanding critical questions satisfactorily.

In my current postdoctoral laboratory at the University of Iowa , I have developed broad expertise in genetics, molecular biology, electrophysiology and I am highly proficient in electrophysiology, confocal imaging, disease biology, evolution and behavioral studies.  Besides, I have had the experience of personally setting up systems for physiology, behavior and calcium imaging. I am also acquiring skills in using high-end equipment like super-resolution microscopy (STED) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM) that will further allow me to use these instruments in my research.