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Join the academic team at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) to find your future career.

By Gabrielle Ryan

Find your next job as a part of the academic team at Queensland University of Technology (QUT), working alongside some of the best. Life at QUT offers an enriching experience, positioning it as an ideal place of employment, especially for lecturers and academics. As a lecturer at QUT, one can partake in a dynamic academic environment that emphasises innovative teaching methodologies and fosters close connections with students during engaging lectures.

Uni jobs at QUT are committed to academic excellence, which is mirrored in its world-class facilities, creating an optimal setting for delivering impactful lectures and conducting cutting-edge research. QUT's Human Resources initiatives play a crucial role in supporting academic staff, offering comprehensive professional development, workshops, and ongoing training. Across various faculties, including the Faculty of Business and Law, Faculty of Health, Faculty of Education, and others, lecturers at QUT can contribute to multidisciplinary research and collaborative initiatives. With a commitment to inclusivity and diversity, QUT stands as an ideal workplace, providing lecturers with a stimulating and supportive environment for both professional and personal growth.

Queensland University of Technology has a range of faculties covering diverse academic disciplines.

The faculties at QUT include:

  • Faculty of Business and Law
  • Faculty of Creative Industries, Education, and Social Justice
  • Faculty of Engineering Faculty of Health
  • Faculty of Science
  • QUT International College (providing pathway programs for international students)
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