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employment at UCLA University provides access to a rich and active academic community within the context of higher education.

By Gabrielle Ryan

Find you next job as a part of the academic team at the University of California, Los Angeles, working alongside some of the best.

A job at UCLA University, within the realm of higher education and academic positions, opens the door to a dynamic and intellectually vibrant community. At UCLA innovation, diversity, and a commitment to excellence in academics is highly regarded and can be expected when working in our community. With a commitment to upholding the highest ethical standards, UCLA stands as the nation's No. 1 public university, offering limitless opportunities for career growth and development.

Academics at UCLA have the unique advantage of not just a job but a meaningful career within a supportive community that is collectively propelling the institution into its second century. Moreover, the investment in employees through a variety of development programs, reduced-fee rates for continued learning, and a dedication to maintaining a healthy work-life balance underscores UCLA's commitment to the holistic growth and well-being of its academic community.

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UCLA, being a comprehensive research university, offers a wide range of academic jobs across various disciplines.

The faculties at UCLA include:

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